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Okay people I have a model UN coming up in which my team's representing Syria. We have an event called the global village in which each team sets up a stall in which they represent their country's history and culture.
The gloal village is on friday and i have no ideas whatsoever about what to do with my stall space. Any ideas and suggestions will be highlty appreciated.

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thanx people. maybe i was just freaking out. but the thing is i have to prepare for the committee debating sessions as well and that requires a lot of time and dedication.


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Great project!

As was pointed out, even without libraries (have they gone out of fashion?) oodles of info are readily available on the Internet. The culture and history of Syria go way way back. For instance, you can tie in the Silk Road.
Or the Crusaders.
Or more recent events related to the strife in the Middle East.