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Help me get that super smooth finish


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Perfect weather for painting this week.
Mid 70's with a light breeze and only 50% humidity.
I am using Rustoleum Topside white semigloss on the top and bottom.
I primed it with the Rustoleum marine primer last fall.

Please take a look at my photo of the finish I am getting and tell me if this a finish to be expected using this product
or can I do better. I am applying the paint with a fine foam cabinetry roller. If I try knocking it down with a brush, I just end up leaving brush marks.
I am ending up with what I see as a slight orange peel. Not real bad but I am thinking that it should have come out better.
BTW, This boat is still getting two more coats, top and bottom.


Jon V


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You could sand that orange peel down and try again. Add an extender to the paint, and then roll and tip. The additive will help the paint level out.

If it was me I’d just sail it.
I’ve learn to love my ugly boats. Never any grief if you scratch it or drop something on the deck.
Just literally throw it in the water and sail.


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High end painting is a skill. You're best off to use a paint that can be finished sanded and final buffed...and thin the paint enough without causing it to run...to minimize the orange peel. Low cost paints such as Interlux Brightside will let you do that. If properly applied on a horizontal surface, will level out with amazing results.