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Help learning about the boats and sailing


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I am very interesting in sailing and learning all about working on the water. Im 19 and would like to become very knowledgeable on the topic and willing to get a small job on the water to help me get the hang of it. Can anyone refer any books, websites, or something along those lines to let me get a better understanding of it all? Maybe some good starting jobs i would be able to get with no experience?

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Royce's SAILING ILLUSTRATED is the bible for small craft sailors... packed with information, more than you'll actually need as a novice, just stick to the parts relevant to your status as a beginner. There are also many other good books on basic sailing available on the shelf of any decent library, books with diagrams showing points of sail, maneuvers, right-of-way info, marine safety tips, etc. I'd start there, as it won't cost ya that much... you can find plenty of material on the Interwebs, but sometimes a simple diagram on the page of a book is easier to grasp, with no distracting web ads, half-naked women, etc., on the same page. As for jobs, many marinas will gladly hire a willing dock hand, sail hut attendant, boat rental hand to help rig boats and assist sailors with launching, casting off, landing, etc. A job as deckhand aboard a sportfishing boat won't teach ya much about sailing, but it WILL teach you other things relevant to sailing, aye? You also might check with the Coast Guard (or your country's equivalent to the Coast Guard) and ask about available classes or programs... sometimes they offer some good material, I remember a BASIC SAILING book the USCG put out in conjunction with the Red Cross back in the '70s, the diagrams were excellent for beginners, very clear and easy to understand. If you take a job on the docks or aboard a boat, take steps to protect yourself: get some decent polarized sunglasses on a goon cord (retention cord or strap), wear a ballcap or some other hat with a brim or bill to shade your eyes, use sunscreen if necessary to avoid malignant melanoma in the long run, etc., etc. And if some hot cougar slips a roofie into your drink after work, well... let her, LOL. That's all the advice I can give you for now, CHEERS, AND GOOD LUCK TO YA!!! :rolleyes:
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