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help ID a wooden 'Fish in Australia


A reader of my Sunfish sailing blog reached out for help with identifying a wooden 'Fish he's got in Australia.

I live in Victoria Australia and have just acquired what I think is an old Alcort Sailfish. I am thinking of restoring it but am missing the whole rudder assembly and centerboard. Also the mast has stays which as I understand is not how sailfish are rigged. The yacht measures 11 foot 1 inch long and is 3 feet wide at the widest point. Will include some photos. Any help would be appreciated re original plans and parts.
What do you think it could be?



A few more notes from the owner:
Sail also has no insignia apart from the maker who has been out of the Melbourne business for 30 years or so.
My best guess is 1950s- early 60s.
The mast is stepped into the deck only so could never have been stay less.


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Interesting reading...

Typically, their Sailfish carries an abundance of sail area! :eek: (Which explains the presence of chainplates).

It appears the scow-like bow is Oz' own Sailfish hull design...:cool: