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Help - First time laser buyer

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Hey Guys I am an expirenced 'Kid' but I need help on buynig a laser what sort of rig shud i look for what sort of centerboard etc..

umm... I know u probably need details so..

I am Travis, 17 male
im 75kg / 163 lb
im 6 foot
money is an object max bout $US 2500

Please help me out i am getting a full rig cos thats what every1 at my club has got and i need some speed!!!!!!!!


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Agreed..!! You can get a fairly good condition laser ...older ...for about 700 or more; less if your lucky. If you are a lightweight then try and get a radial rig mine came with a radial and a mini as well as the full with all the trimmings, sails to match each rig, dolly, blades ....etc all for 1500.

That way you can experiment with each and play what you like....besides you can always but afterward what you want.



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yeah i'm with them. you should definately get a full rig cause even at my 90 lbs i can keep one down under ten knots. if you buy one that is over 5 yrs old check the huul/deck joint and make sure there aren't any cracks. if there are, any time you heel the boat to that side water rushes in. (i almost lost a 70's lazer that way) wood looks nice however fiberglass is easier to maintain and is much stronger as far as blades go. and if you want to go "the extra mile," vang/cunningham and outhaul upgrades make your life a lot easier. and even small chips you find, which i'm sure you will, can easily be fixed with some epoxy. and just so you know i just restored an 80's lazer with new paint on the hull and deck and im selling it for $2000 us. i live in mass. if you're interested e-mail me at macwas16@hotmail.com
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