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Help find a boat


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I want to start sailing and we have a lake near our house that only allows a mast height of 18' or less. I want a boat that will work on the lake and possibly in the ocean / bay when I advance. Is the sunfish mast height 18' or less and what other options are there?

Thanks in advance:D


Most of what disappears in the mast tube, however, is still above the waterline. Though, I would not call the height of the mast of a Sunfish the true height. Since it is a lateen rig, the upper spar is the high point.

Depending on how you rig the halyard and gooseneck, this could vary by a couple of feet. No matter how you do it however, I think that you would easily be under 18 feet.

A Sunfish mast is 10' 1/4" and at least 1 ft 'disappears' in the mast tube.


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Boat size is becoming an issue on our lake. What state or county is this in, and the reason for the rule? (And what size lake, or lake's name, if you're comfortable mentioning it.)


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The lake is Black Hills Regional Park on Montgomery County, MD. They have a mast height restriction because of a bridge that crosses the lake.