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Help a newbie garner all possible information for a laser with hull number: ZFS97586M81C


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All numbers appear clear with some question about the 9th digit being an "M". Appreciate your support. My google sleuthing resulted in the following:
ZFS - Manufacturer: Performance Sailcraft
97586 - Sail Number indicating 1982
M81C - Not sure?

Look forward to your thoughts including how I can estimate it's value based on condition.

Thanks for your help / support.



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Hi Scott,

"81C" should mean that the boat was built in October, 1981. The "A=August" lettering system was still used. The "M" stands for "Mystery" :D as it clearly can't in all cases (such as this one) mean "Model year", like I've previously thought. Maybe it's just "Made in".

Sail number 97586 does indicate 1982 according to the ILCA list, but the pre-83 numbers are known to be off by several thousand. I've tried to make sense of it all for some time, and I think the least unlikely explanation is that the year 1982 includes both '82 and '81. All previous years would then be off by one year. Your number and building date do support this interpretation quite nicely.

Can't really say anything about the value of the boat in question until you show some pictures (the more the better) of all that's included.

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I agree, I thought that M was Model Year too

And yes, the list on the ILCA site is out for the early years. As a benchmark, Laser 100000 was produced in 1981, but that would be a year later according to the list. An earlier version of the list said that it was based on the UK Performance Sailcraft factory records, therefore it is even less relevant for North American made boats.

However, with a quick look through my records, I found this photo from the 1981 US Open showing Laser #98512, thereby further evidence that your boat was actually built in 1981. (article from Beam Reach No. 13)

And article re Laser 100000 for interest (also from Beam Reach No. 13).