Helly Hanson team still in control of 2014 J/24 Midwinters

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When the J/24 Midwinters’ Signal Boat Goldilocks went out this morning on to Miami’s Biscayne Bay waving a huge Jolly Roger, you could tell it was going to be a great day. The Coral Reef Yacht Club Race Committee was relaxed and obviously the team of Mollicone and Healy was ready to increase their lead. The wind was 6 to 9 knots and steady with no shifts. The race course was west of Stiltesville. Helly Hanson’s team of John Mollicone and Tim Healy, Geoff Becker, Leon Collin and Gordon Borges got one more bullet on day two bringing their lead to 7 points. The big move of the day was Peru’s Luis Olcese climbing into second with two first places for the day on Scaramoush. His crew Christian Sas, Joel Raffo, Joaquin Razetto and Alek Stewart passed Davis Island’s Robby Brown’s team and Travis Odenbach. Travis Odenbach’s Honey Badger of Rochester, NY held on to third place only one point behind Scaramoush with Patrick Wilson, Rossi Milev, Chris Morgan and Emery Williams onboard. The results are still awaiting some protests to be filed and a few more 20% penalties.
Tonight is the regatta dinner at Coral Reef Yacht Club and no doubt, there will be a lot of stories to be told. More great racing tomorrow…