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Hi ,
my name is dave ,i am in pennsylvania,total newbie to anything sailboat related.

Ive had a powerboat in the distant past,and i do go boating with friends on occasion,usually on the delaware river or larger lakes in the area.
i have done quite a bit of kayaking in the past and i still have one.

longer then i care to remember,i sailed a few times with a cousins sunfish? put this way,over 40 years ago at the least.

a friend down the road picked up a 20-22 ft. sailboat a few weeks ago,he is a total neophyte as well, but he and his wife got me excited to put my toe in the water(no pun intended) so i picked up a little sailboat today.i know zero about sailing,so i will do my due diligence and read what i can find,you tube instruction videos,etc
The boat i picked up is 13',very flat bottomed, aside from someone handbrush painting it(horrid) it seems to be pretty decent.the fella i got it from seemed pretty nice and helpful,he advised me to not hook up the front sail(jib?)at first till i get use to her.

the main sail is really tall and he inferred that i may get confused at first trying to manage both and the rudder thing. Am i correct in assuming that is good advice?

also,for the life of me,i.nor my tech savvy friends cannot find a scrap of info on this thing,tried google lens,nothing .
it's a pretty neat little thing,but it would be nice to know who made it and any info related.

there is no title/hull#/any markings whatsoever. From what i gather,pre 1972 did not have any?
Pa. issued me a launch permit,so thats cool,going to take her out for a spin tonight with my friend.

if i can figure how to post a picture,i will,and maybe someone can enlighten me as to what it is.
Also,if anyone has any advice for a total beginner that would be very much appreciated!

My uncle sailed around the world about 10 years ago,but at the time i was trying to get a pilots lic. or i would have picked his vast knowledge.
now that i am semi-retired,i thought it may be a nice hobby to learn,but i suddenly got a bit overwhelmed just setting up the sails and stuff...very glad i started small..lol
Thanks in advance to any replies/help that is offered!


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