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Just bought my daughter Laser Hull #3018 for Christmas. Mahogany blades & Elvstrom sail - I think it is 1973. Looking to restore her so she can use the boat for Jr. 4.7 racing. Her next regatta will be Jan 8th at Richmond YC Mid-winters. Lots of great info on this site to help us get it into better condition.

We are in the SF Bay Area. I sail a Lido 14 with the Fremont Sailing Club quite actively. I had a Laser in college and a few years after ~ 1982-1989 in Washington DC. My daughter began crewing with me at 4, got her first El Toro at 7, and this Fall at age 11 began intro to Laser class. Now she says the El Toro is Way Too Slow! and she wants a Laser - what's a sailing dad to do?:D

The thread http://www.laserforum.org/showthread.php?t=2442 is incredibly inspirational as it is right on topic for us AND we know Chris because my daughter sails with SYC/PYSF.

I've tried adding messages to other threads but keep gettin the error message:
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Could not find phrase 'thread_replytime_expired'.

Then my carefully crafted message is gone. Why does this happen?

Anyway thanks for hosting this forum and helping out in sharing great advice.


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Hi there,

Well I must have accidentally deleted the error message you should be getting. I will replace the phrase.

The error message you should have gotten is:
"The thread you are attempting to reply to has expired. No new post will be allowed in this thread. Please post a new thread and feel free to reference the old thread (with a link and/or quote) with further questions."

I have an option turned on right now that prevents replying to threads that are more than 6 months old. It is hard for a new member to keep up here on the forum if replies are posted months or even years after the last new post in a thread. I am sorry you lost your message, I know that can be frustrating, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that. However, Please make yourself at home here on the forum, join in our discussion, and feel free to post a new thread with any further questions or comments regarding the old thread.

Again, Welcome to our site and and have a happy new year!
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Thanks for the info on the error messages. Yes, these were old threads I found by searching or as a link from another thread. Do the threads close 6 months after the last post or 6 months after the thread began? I didn't see the "this thread is closed" icon (folder with the lock) is that for something else?

You run a great forum, I look forward to being part of the community.


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-Well, the threads are not technically closed, so a closed icon does not show up.
-It counts from the last reply.
-And, looking at that thread It appears that the time is shorter than 6 months for a thread to expire.