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Hello from Fort Walton Beach & New Sails!

Recently had a military move that took us from the Chesapeake Bay down to the Emerald Coast in Florida… The wife is appreciating being able to throw on a fleece to go sailing in late November now instead of the wetsuits up in Virginia.

I’m posting tonight because our new sails arrived and we threw them up after work with less than an hour till sunset and they were fantastic! I need to drop the boom a bit to trim the main more appropriately but I’m thrilled with the pointing ability and medium to low breeze performance. The other (original) sails were nearly 30 years old so no surprise there’s a little more spring in the boat’s step.

The folks at SLO Sails were outstanding to work with. They sent material samples and colors that Tammy and I were able to play with until we were happy with a design and next thing you know we have beautiful fun new life in the boat. We’d picked up a boat cover from them a month ago when we moved down and I was impressed enough to give the sails a shot and I’m certainly glad I did.

I’ll put up some more pics during some normal afternoon lighting over the Thanksgiving holiday so the colors will look correct but I was excited enough about the first sail that I’m putting the sunset one up for starters.

Merry Happy Holidays! Say hello if you’re in the Destin/Fort Walton Beach area.

1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG Azalea 14 Oct 16 068.JPG Azalea 14 Oct 16 094.JPG Azalea 22 Sep 16 017.JPG Azalea 22 Sep 16 032.JPG Azalea 22 Sep 16 042.JPG Azalea 22 Sep 16 076.JPG Azalea SLO Cover.jpg Wide Angle Sunrise Sep 16 035.JPG


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Wow, really beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I also have one of their covers, but the mast-down version, and I agree the quality is top-notch. I emailed them to ask if they would make a quick halyard bag, but never heard back. What did the sails run if you don't mind me askin?
The sails were just over $1100. I 'earned' them helping my wife through her doctorate program... ha haaaa. Considering we inherited the boat and I've only put ~$500 into new shrouds, forestay, lines, and misc hardware I did think two, three, and four times about putting that investment into this boat but they're honestly fantastic and I'd recommend them without hesitation.

I didn't get back out on the water tonight because Tammy wanted to pick up her 'graduation' gift (a Yolo paddleboard) and we had so much fun with that we call the shop back and got the Black Friday deal on another one for me so that took up all the daylight left in the afternoon. I will get some more shots up this weekend highlighting the clever features on the foot of the sail and the ridiculously easy snap on hanks on the jib that don't pop off occasionally like the stock plastic hanks did when raising and lowering the sail. Not huge deals but super nice touches because we do drop sails often with the little electric trolling motor to pull up to restaurants or get under bridges etc and it was frustrating when two of the jib hanks had popped off when we were raising sails on the water again (no biggie on land but less fun when climbing up front while floating).

Sorry to hear SLO never got back on your bag but if you called them and asked for Andrew (he's been helping me with rigging/trim tips... prior class racer) I suspect he'd square you away if they make halyard bags. (805) 479-6122

Scooter Board 23 Nov 16 002.JPG Scooter Board 23 Nov 16 012.JPG Scooter Board 23 Nov 16 036.JPG
Pulled the new sails out and shoved off the beach on a beautiful Thanksgiving morning before the cooking and busy business kick off. I took a some of the features that I'm impressed with like the foot of the main that allows the sail to take more appropriate foil shape at the base. The jib snaps are great for us since we raise and lower sails frequently on the beach or when we're motoring, they definitely won't let loose and get away.

Certainly impressed with the sails and notice a worthwhile pointing improvement. If you've got some 30 year old well worn and blown out originals these SLO Sails that you can design in any colors you want are a fantastic customized gift for the boat and yourself.

***Tammy just said I forgot to mention the wonderful giant window***

Happy Holidays! Hope to see you on the water near Fort Walton sometime.

Chris & Tammy

Azalea Thanksgiving 16 003.JPG Azalea Thanksgiving 16 004.JPG Azalea Thanksgiving 16 006.JPG Azalea Thanksgiving 16 008.JPG Azalea Thanksgiving 16 011.JPG Azalea Thanksgiving 16 019.JPG Azalea Thanksgiving 16 021.JPG Azalea Thanksgiving 16 025.JPG Azalea Thanksgiving 16 030.JPG Azalea Thanksgiving 16 042.JPG Azalea Thanksgiving 16 050.JPG Azalea Thanksgiving 16 061.JPG Azalea Thanksgiving 16 080.JPG
Great photos! Currently I have a Phantom 14 which I love (my first sailboat) but is too small for my wife to enjoy coming with me. I have been thinking that a Capri 14.2 would be a perfect change and the picture of your wife laying on the bench in the boat is just what she needed to see :)

That's a really nice boat that you have there; thanks for sharing the pictures with us.


There's nothing like a new suit to lift the spirits :) ... Thank you Chris and Tammy for sharing your experiences ~ Special treat for us here in Ontario, our season is over for the next 5 months at least. The big window was the first thing I noticed but the sails are absolutely sweet. CHEERS!