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Have you named your boat?


Charlabud #623
I always wanted a boat and I told my wife that when I got it, she'd be named after her. I bought by C14.2 three years ago and named her Charlabud...my wife's high school nick name.

I'm looking at buying another C14.2 to help grow the North Texas fleet...I plan to name her Charla Ann!

Please share your boat names here!!


My boat came with the name "Capricious." I was going to change it but the Commodore likes the name so I guess it is here to stay.


Charlabud #623
"Meant To Be"....that's really great...exactly how I feel too...

You guys should post images of your boat names if you can...here's mine...mast lift.jpg

Gene Reed

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I recently bought an 89 which had not been named. The primary use is to teach the grandkids how to sail - and if granddad gets to spend time putzing around on the lake close to home - that's good too. I told the kids to come up with a name, but at 9 and 11 years old they failed to reach concensus - as you might expect. So I gave them a list of 8 names, and told them to pick. Without consulting each other they both picked NATSUKO - japanese for "summer's children". So I've got the boat, got the name, got the kids, just waiting for a little more summer.



My 2nd C14.2 , someday I might go through the ritual of changing her name , but for now I will still let her provoke the questions in her answer .


Clarke Farrer

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My Capri came with the name "Pinwheel" I assume because of the multi colored mainsail. Since I work for the Boy Scouts I intend to change the name to "BSAil" but haven't ever gotten around to it.


My boats name is "La Baignoire" Bathtub in french. I like to race, my club used be mainly dinghy's, snipes, day sailors,fly scouts, etc. actually had three or four different fleets. As the members aged,they moved to cruisers. Catalina and Hunter 21 up to 25. Since we normally don't have enough dinghy's to race as a separate race, we throw all the boats together.

What is really fun is to beat the cruisers, which are normally faster. During one particular race, I was trailing the fleet, on a downwind leg which is normally where I make up places. The lead boat was made up of a friend and his teenage daughter and son, normally the boat and crew are pretty hard to beat. At the mark I was probably 10 boat lengths behind the lead boat, so we pulled up the center board, went wing to wing and did everything we would think up to trim up, whisker pole, you name it, and catch the fleet. We caught a wind before anybody else, and went flying past the whole fleet. As we went flying past the first place boat all I heard was "come on dad, we can't let that bathtub beat us". At that point my daughter who was crewing with me and taking French in school said " I have a name for the boat". It is really kind of fun especially as the story has spread throughout the club. And yes "La Baignoire" still beats the faster cruisers, most of the time.



Ours is Duval St. After the main strip on Key West. So even up here in Massachusetts, I can go hang out on Duval St. Any time I want.


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We have not named our boat yet, although my better half said he has a name, but it's a surprise. We are going to trailer it from NY to my sisters in Florida to put the finishing touches on it, then the name will be placed.
I just hope he doesn't name it something like "Rock's Bottom":confused:


I've owned many boats and have never named one...that was until I bought my 14.2 this past week. She was named before I ever left the previous owners driveway with her.
See, I wasn't planning on buying a small boat...I was looking for a 43' sailboat when this sweetie caught my eye and I bought her on the spot.

So what's her name? Why IMPULSE of course.
She a 1989 Capri 14.2

Not three days later I also named the kayak...X-T-SEA
She got named after I spotted the XTC in the serial number.