Have bare hull, need everything else

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Hello all.

I just picked up a 1981 hull, with nothing but the main-sheet block, some fairleads and gudgeon attached. I am in need of everything else. This is going to be for my Cubscout / Boyscout troops to learn on and pick up some badges and belt loops. Gear can be in pretty rough shape, and preferably very inexpensive. I am in Albuquerque, and will be travelling to Phoenix this Saturday July 19th. please let me know if you have anything available to get the kiddos going.

I am picking up a sunfish this weekend and want to have this laser for the boys as they progress. A 4.7 sail setup would probably be ideal.

Thank You
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Sold this hull, but would still like to find a 4.7 or Radial rig. I have a nice older recreational sail made by McWilliam in Irland that would be up for trade. It is a full rig and is in very good shape, still crisp.
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