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Haul-out insight sought.


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Hello, First time posting. I have recently purchased a Capri 14.2 K. I keep it in the water in a marina in Southern Orange County California. I had wanted to have our local shipyard do a haul-out and apply anti-fouling paint. The boat has no lifting rings for a bridle and I have no trailer. The yard says since it is so small, less than 20 feet, it cannot be hauled out by them. I am hoping someone on the forum may be able to offer some suggestions. Thank you!

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When I ordered my Catalina 14.2K in 2015 new, I also ordered a trailer, Trail N Sail by Road King Trailers, which is galvanized and was set up for the Catalina at the factory in Fla. My dealer prepped the bottom with barrier coat and applied ablative multi season bottom paint. In order to launch and retrieve the boat I chock the trailer on the ramp, attach a rope/chain bridle to the trailer hitch, disconnect the trailer from the hitch ball, and back the trailer into the water until the boat will float on/off of the supports. Really very simple process and the boat and trailer are light enough to handle with minimal effort. When I touch up or repaint the bottom I support one side of the boat enough to lower a support(bunk) and slide it over the width of the bunk board and let the boat then rest on the moved support as well as the support on the other side. I can then sand, paint, etc over half of one side. Repositioning the bunk I can then sand, paint the rest of the hull on that side. I allow several days for drying between steps. While working on one side with a repositioned bunk I can work on the other side except for the location of the bunk. Repeat the process on the other side a few days, or weeks, later. Removing the keel guides is also a simple process so that I can access the two foot keel. The boat is always resting on the keel support bunk and it's weight and balance make this a relatively easy process. The keel on this model is encased in fiberglass so I don't have any issues of keel rust or blistering as I have had on older and larger boats with exposed metal. My dealer used West Marine bottom paint which he buys in bulk and I buy a gallon from West when it is on sale. It is usually in the $250 per gallon range, is cheaper than the name brands and works as well as the name brands which I used to apply to other larger sailboats I owned over the years. The slime retardant is effective. Boat is keep May through October in a fresh water lake and mostly slime is the issue, which sluffs off during sailing enough that minimal clean up is required at haul out for the winter storage. Follow all of the suggested steps by the manufacturer for bottom prep and it really isn't much of a job, except for the time spent.


Assuming your marina has a dingy crane, I think I have read that you can use the mainsheet traveler/bridle and the shroud chain plates to crane-lift it.
It would probably be easier and safer to make or buy a couple of webbing straps to loop under it. Also, there may be guidance in the manual.

I keep mine on a trailer and have unloaded it and winched it back on both in shallow water and in the front lawn.
Another option is just to carry it. Four people should be able to carry it comfortably.

Cheers, Karl