Hatch cover for 14.2?


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I have a 2002 catalina 14.2 which I bought used recently and which was missing the cuddy cabin hatch cover. Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks and enjoy!
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Did you call Catalina Yacht parts department in CA? Catalina Yachts • 21200 Victory Boulevard • Woodland Hills, California 91367 • Phone 818 884-7700
Catalina changed the inner hull on the model 3 to remove the "tunnel" and add the water proof hatch. With this change the size of the opening is different. Afew years ago I did alot of investigation on how to add a waterproof hatch on the model 2 and gave up. There are no "off the shelf" waterproof hatches on the market that will fit and give you an opening that is large enough to get things thru. If you want to remove the "tunnel" you will need to fabricate somthing yourself and it needs to be water tight.

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Thanks for the info, I didn't want to waste buying if it wasn't going to work. I guess I will try to fabricate something. My cuddy 'tunnel' hole is in bad shape as is the cuddy. As there's so much space in the bow of the boat, what a waste to put that in there.
Look thru some of the old old threads. People have made some very nice looking doors. The model 1 and the model 2 have the same opening. Some people have used the "plastic wood" that is sold at the boat places. This does not looks as good as real wood but it does not swell and warp like real wood does either. When you get somthing made post some photos I would like to see what you came up with.

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Make your own

I live in Argentina and can't get parts very easily, so, I purchased a piece of plastic (like plexi glass), had it upholstered, and viola. Hatch cover!
The hatch cover is easily made if you have a few basic tools like a saw.

1. Take some measurements
2. Buy plywood in Lowe's/Home depot.
3. Cut out the door.
4. Use mahogany wood stain
5. Cover with marine varnish for shiny look.

Looks nicer than the factory one !!
Making the hatch cover isn't really the issue...it's how to make the hinges and a latch for it, while still making it waterproof. I guess it depends on the weather stripping and stuff.
Yes there is a LOT more thah cutting out a cover out of a sheet of plywood and giving it a coat of paint. You will need good stainless steel hinges and a latch. You also need to set up a gasket so the hatch is "watertight". No wooden door will be perfectly watertight. That is the problem that the model 1 had that led to the design of the tunnel for the model 2.
Making a "watertight" door for the model 2 is a BIG job. If it is not done properly and the boat tips over the hull will fill with water and you will be in BIG trouble. If you do not know what you are doing just leave the tunnel in the boat. It has less storage space but it is MUCH more safer.

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I'm in the same boat... :D. My Mod 1 needs a hatch cover, which I can make, but I'm not sure about the method to attach it. Has anyone posted pics of their solution. Four points of locking, two? and is there a gasket that works that's not a marine item, perhaps auto? My teak is all there, and I'm guessing the hatch tucks up underneath the top wooden rail, and attaches at the bottom with two latches of some type? Thanks!
I have done searches for hatch covers and doors. I found some old threads from a few years ago, but the pictures are no longer there...I'm guessing when the forum crashed those images were lost? I was hoping someone could post some pictures of theirs. I am having the same problem...where/how do you make the latch points. I was thinking of using two smaller hinges on the bottom and some type of locking latch on the top. The door will be permanently fixed and won't get lost and hopefully prove to be more water proof. Whenever I get some time to work on it I will upload some pictures.
I am also hoping that by adding foam inside the top of the mast that the only water I will have to keep out is waves and the rain...not keeping out the entire lake. Turtling=bad...which leads me to another question--I want/need to get an outboard for my boat. But if I tip the boat over by accident am I going to destroy the motor if I don't lose it first? OR do outboards have some type of watertight system?

While cleaning out my new-to-me hull #151, I found, of all things, the original hatch cover with canvas bag... stuffed way back under the port seat (along with a dozen beer cans!). In great condition. I'll take pics of the latch, which is described with line drawings elsewhere in the forum, and try to get them posted by the end of week.
Here you go! both sides of the latch system (the nut is peened so as not to come off the bolt, hence the sanding job around the area). The top of the hatch simply slides up in a recess behind the teak crossmember.


Mine looks nearly identical to that... The http://www.sailboatshop.com where I got it from said they re(built) mine for the guy I bought the boat from (brokerage)... I don't believe mine to be "water tight" only semi "water repellent"

Anywho, here is a picture of it "in action" so to speak.

PS: Image recent enough for you?