Harken Parts List for Building your Own New School Vang??

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Hi All,

I wanted to put together one of the new school style vangs like the one for sale at Rooster Sailing and Colie. Does anyone have a list or know which (and how many) of each block, cleat, swivel etc. I would need to do this? Also looking for the same for the Cunningham if possible.

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I looked into this when I went to upgrade. It is (as I recall) almost exactly the same price, though perhaps a little more expensive. Unless you already have most of the parts, the kit is the way to go.
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The store I work at actually has a Harken account so I could order the parts cheaper. BUT the laser Vang and cleat base etc. are built for Laser speficially by Harken and not sold through Harken - you have to order them through Vanguard.