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Harken 2135 question


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I have been thinking about installing a Harken 2135 ratchet block on my recently purchased 1975 sunfish. Not having any experience with a ratchet block, other than reducing the effort required to pull the mainsail in will it hold the line to allow you to free your hands up? If not, has anyone installed a clam cleat in place of the old hook to hold the line? (Harken 365 Carbo Clam cleat).

This forum has been a great learning tool for someone new to sailing.


Upside down?
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A Harken 2135 block will not hold your sheet.

To hold the sheet and free your hands, you can install small clam cleats on port and starboard. Personally, I don't have them on my fish since they interfere with hiking and I want to be able to slide around freely when racing.

Another approach to hold the sheet is to install a (Harken 241) swivel cleat. I recommend against that as well, although some people like them. A swivel cleat can catch your sheet at an inopportune moment and cause you to capsize.

Finally, if you check the forum (use the "Search" function), you will find much more info on mainsheet blocks and cleats.