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Hammock Spinnaker

I'm curious if anyone has suggestions about how to improve this for using my hammock as a backup sail/spinnaker. I'm mainly concerned about being able to depower from the cockpit. Thanks!


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One of the greatest weaknesses of the Sunfish (IMHO) is the lack of any means of reducing sail area. I am aware of the various adaptations out there, and they are fine for racing/day sailing, but they really aren’t adequate for us normal sailors who are reluctant to venture out into 30 mph winds and 10 foot waves! I think the hammock idea has merit, although control is obviously an issue. I know have you are considering various ways of clearing the sail. I have been wondering if an off-the-shelf kayak “kite sail” might be an option.

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Kudos to ya, AIR, for experimenting this way... I always enjoy your videos, lol. What if you install grommets or maybe reinforced 'pockets' to hold a pole across the hammock at its midway point to keep the hammock spread wide, then rig a line to turn the hammock from the cockpit and dump air? That'd be pretty simple, and you've already shown that the hammock can power the boat (downwind, at least). Just my $.02, I think you're onto something, lol. And I also think you need to sail the length of the Baja Peninsula, that would be AWESOME! Always wanted to do that with my Laser, she could've handled it too... I just never had the time, or when I had the time, I didn't have the money (same ol' story, lol). Such a voyage would make for a great video movie, aye? Be like one of those Thor Heyerdahl flicks, lol. Cheers!!! :rolleyes: