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Halyard line size


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Finally my poly halyard line wore out. Looked up size of the Sunfish halyard, and several sites have it listed as 3/16”. My current line measures at 5/16”, so that is what I replaced it with. Does anyone use a 3/16” halyard line? It seems way too small.

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To make sure we're not swapping terms, the halyard is the line to raise the sail. We have used the recommended 3/16th inch line, New England Ropes Sta-Set, for years and it works great. For the sheet that controls the sail we use 5/16th New England Ropes Sta-Set. You can use whatever type and diameter that you like, as long as the halyard will run freely through the mast fairlead, halyard block (or fairlead) and tie off to the halyard cleat, and the sheet runs freely through the boom blocks. If they still made the fuzzy, thicker sheets we would use that.

ZIP's halyard..

ZIP halyadr line 2.jpg

ZIP halyard line.jpg

Sheet, halyard and a bungee.


Current Sunfish specifications. (Credit Yankee Boating Center, who we have bought a lot of line from).

Sunfish Specs Screen Shot copy.png
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Samson's trophy braid (a double braid polyester), has a soft, fuzzy outer core. ...easy to grip. It grabs well in self tailing winches (and ratchet blocks). I use it on mainsail furling lines and the like, on larger cruising bosts.