"Gust Adjust" Video Posted

This video with Greg is great. However, the way he has tied the halyard through the mast cap is not legal and is likely to pull the cap off the mast. As discussed at the NAs last year, it needs to tied complete through the cap. There are several ways to do it, one example is attached.


Actually, this photo is not legal either because the line over the mast cap was cut to be separated from the jens line. Regardless, it illustrates a legal and safe way of putting the halyard through the mast cap.


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The video version is one continuous line, and the rules state you are allowed one line. The "gust adjust video" version was voted and approved at the 2008 Worlds Championship, it was proposed at the 2008 NAs.

From the class rules:
A rig to lower the point at which the upper spar lies against the mast (known as the „Jens Hookansen Rig‟) may be tied with an extra piece of line used solely for that purpose. The rig must be tied in such a way that the sailor may lower the sail quickly and easily by releasing the halyard.

Once again, there is no alteration to the "Gust Adust Video" line.

A more detailed of how-to will be posted soon.
I was at the 2008 NAs, sat in on the meeting where the Gust Adjust was discussed. I was also part of the World Council meeting during the 2008 World Championship. There was no new rules needed to approve the Gust Adjust. There was only a clarification and interpretation. One of the interpretations that was made by the class measurer, which applies to ALL jens rigs is that the line must feed through the cap. This is a safety measure because the way Greg is rigging it in the video causes breakdowns.

If you want to rig it correctly and legally, you will follow the video, but tie the jens line on the mast as shown in the pictures. Nothing else changes. The interpretation is for your own safety.


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Update: Confirmed today, Todd Edwards the class measurer says that the gust video version is the class legal version.
I stand corrected. Todd Edwards (class measurer) clarified for me that there are no rules or interpretations that restrict how the line is tied at the top of the mast.

However, Todd confirmed that if the line is tied incorrectly, it can pull the mast cap off. He said how jens line is tied at the mast cap is only relevant at events in which redress is available for equipment failure of charter boats (for example a World Championship). While it is legal, individuals who elect to rig the jens line at the top of the mast and only down one side of the mast will not receive redress for equipment failure if the end cap comes off.

I apologize for any confusion my woeful memory has caused.


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Thanks Derek for following up.

in regards to the whole matter, i looked at my mast cap today and it is riveted to the mast standard from the factory.


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The new full length "Gust Adjust" video with detail is now available at www.sunfishracing.org under videos. The format is mid-quality, so if you would like a DVD high quality version then please email me direct through this forum.

thanks, and happy viewing!