GRP Daggerboard Finish

Wally 19958

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I have some GRP Plastic Daggerboards with various chunks and flakes of the white coating damaged. Any ideas as to what the paint is Polyester Gelcote ? Something vinylester or an epoxy The quality of the bond makes me lean towards Polyester Gelcoat
Thanks That is a difficult way to do it Marine tex is notoriously difficult to work with
If the board is made with polyester gelcote you can do a complete repair with gel cote maybe add some microspheres to increase flex and damage resistance.. The boards I have are older and have GRP molded in the handle. For go fast racing shape in important over finish I have had great results with rattle can white paint fron HOME DEPOT LOOKS LIKE STORE BRAND
I have the Intensity Sails daggerboard - when I did minor repairs, I just used WEST or TotalBoat epoxy, thickened a little bit. Sanded back to the original foil shape. And like you said, then just used white spray paint from a big box store. Close enough in color I don't think the fish that see it can tell the difference.
Thanks in the hierarchy epoxy sticks to everything but everything does not always stick to epoxy

epoxy is defiantly softer and therefore less brittle and prone to chipping

But far more difficult to work with and more environmentally sensitive to issues with humidity and temperature

I have a couple dozen foils to repair