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Well, I posted about buying an Intensity practice race sail which I really like. I would like to get some custom graphics to make it my own. Are there any recommendations for companies that supply graphics. I looked online, but am hoping for advice here on the Sunfish Forum. Thanks!


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Try a sailmaker. We have this custom code zero from Quantum. They also did the graphics and numbers for our Rebel


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Just a little off subject….
I would like to add the Sunfish logo on my Sunfish Direct sail. Is there a way I can get them without having to make myself?
That is pretty slick. What was the price of that artwork?
I'll send you a PM

Chris Picknally can handpaint sails (the GoldShark is hand painted) or now, I believe he can print large scale graphics on sails. You can find him on Facebook. He does great work! Look closely (expand the photo) of the goldfish...there are little bubbles coming off the shark fin! LOL!
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I liked my Intensity practice race sail on my new, '69 Sunfish so much, I bought one for my 2018 here in California. I replaced the LP sail in my profile photo with it and took Signal Charlies advice and got some material from Sailrite. I cut my own Sunfish logo and put it on the Intensity sail. I really like how it looks.


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Looks great. I wish I could get a couple of those.
Sailrite sent me a yard x 4 1/2 feet of red adhesive sailcloth for About $45 after shipping). I used tracing paper to trace the Sunfish outline from my LP sail. Then I used that to make a cardboard cutout and with the cardboard cutout, I traced the pattern onto the sail cloth. I carefully cut this out and then made a mirror image for the other side. What was difficult was placing the image in the right orientation. My fish images point slightly down I think. I have extra sailcloth left so I can add other red highlights if I want. I will probably get more green sailcloth so I can make some for my Wisconsin boat next summer.
Does this example off of an Alcort Class Approved sail from Canada seem plausible as a starting point?
Did the 'Fish' ever have an eye?


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Does this example off of an Alcort Class Approved sail from Canada seem plausible as a starting point?
Did the 'Fish' ever have an eye?
I don't recall ever seeing an 'eye' in the logo. But I have seen at least one with teeth! :)


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Thanks Tag., thank for the link, nice article!

I am fine working through the templating process, I enjoy it. I just don't know the image well enough to say if my attempts are reasonable.

I see my one sail and yours show the bumps on the lower fin. Some of the images online do not have this feature and the fins are all slightly different.