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Got it done!!! Now next task...

po-man sailor

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My 1976 sunfish needed lots of stuff done to restore it to my satisfaction but not like some of the jobs you guys take on.
Anyway I had to build a new tiller and extention. I made them out of tight grain furnature grade oak since that was what I had. Took all my blades to wood and cleaned them up from dings and nicks. Then you may have seen my post asking what color stain to use since my dagger was dark mahogany, my rudder was almost white (some red streaks) mohogoney I believe. And tiller and extention white. Well after all the suggestions and over a dozen colors from lowes I was very frustrated today I was under my stare case and saw a half empty can of minwax wood finish oil base stain I had used to restore a bed a year earlier. The color was "English chestnut" so what the hell...I tested it. Here are the pics I just finished. As far as I'm concerned all pieces could not match any better if I cut them all from the same blank. Looking at it directly in the sumlight. I'm fairly particular about that stuff and I'm well satisfied with my luck....for everyone's information.. your results may vary. FYI I did use the midway prep coat 5 minutes prior to staining. Now I need to multi coat varnish to a deep finish one coat per day.
Fyi #2 the dagger has no stain. Only 3 coats of spar varnish and mineral spirits thinner 50/50
Thanks guys



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Looks nice. You will want a longer tiller extension with a universal. Those wood ones.dont allow you to to sit forwards enough and have limited range of motion. Trying to figure out the board as 76 had shadows.

po-man sailor

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I was told 76 had "Barrington"...or something like that. Someone told me it was more desirable. In any case its the one that was with it when I picked it up. Start tomorrow with varnish.

Cactus Cowboy

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Yeah, I'm beginning to think this whole uprooting & relocation number was preordained by the cosmos... and I'm tired of fighting it. :confused:

I'm sad about possibly losing my cats, as they are like my kids, but then again, they're not gone yet... an 11th-hour reprieve may save the day, lol. :rolleyes:

And part of me also thinks: "Hey, these cats o' mine can go to large country homes & properties with all kinds of acreage, so why NOT let them be happy?" ;)

We'll see what happens... in the meantime, I have to post an update in another thread, lol. Burritos are off the table tonight, but no worries... :cool: