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GoPro vs. Contour


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iam looking at some mountable cameras to mount on the 420 and my head. i hear both contour and GoPro are good but which is better. i dont quite like the bulkiness of the go pro and am a little worried it might get hit off my head by the boom. what are your opinions.


I have a GoPro, and love it. GoPro offers several different mounts you can buy, including a helmet mount.

I've previously mounted it back on the the rudder/tiller area on my Sunfish, but lately have been mounting it out on the tip of the lower boom - it gives a nice viewing angle (despite being mounted really close to the sail).

I can't comment on the contour. but you might also look at the Sail Pro http://sailprocameras.com/Laser.html - there are different mounts for several different sailboats.


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They both shoot great video, I would go for the Go Pro, only because there are many more available mounts. This will let you stick it to places where you couldn't put a contour.


with the go pro head mount you can get the camera to sit on the brim of your hat (if you wear one), if you had it on top of your head you'd definitely hit the boom, you could also try the top of the mast, laser performance did a cool video mounting go pro's on lasers at the heavy air slalom last year, they did the top of the mast, boom and bow, very cool

I went with the gopro just because I feel its easier to mount it and I've also seen some tv shows use them and get great footage, I was able to come up with a secure mount for the bow of the laser very easily


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I really want to try out a GoPro because I have heard nothing but good things about them. In the meantime, I have a little Kodak Playsport that I've used the past year and a half. I have to say I am really happy with it. The quality of the film is excellent, it really is waterproof since we tested it a number of times underwater. It's really easy to mount too. I did a review of it on my site here


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I use a GoPro on the end of the boom with a roll bar mount, and its never got in the way :) Here are some shots from it...
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Go pro all the way!!! I have done crazy things with them like put them up in a kite, skiing, waterskiing, there are many mounts and you can buy a screen to go on it to see fotage right away Go for the Pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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GoPro 3 is supposed to be amazing. I had the 2 and no complaints. I can only imagine how awesome the new upgrade is.


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