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GoPro Camera Mounts

I know this has been discussed in the past but just wondering if anyone has come up with any new ideas. I have been working on this mount for a while.6CBB54B5-1434-42D0-9D66-9B6C5226550A.jpeg


Sunfish guy here, but I've used two different mount setups on my Sunfish.

home-made mount on the tiller:

with example screenshot:

and also mounted w/ a standard GoPro mount out on the back end of the boom:

I pretty much exclusively mount it on the boom now - gets pretty decent videos from that vantage point.
here's a screenshot for example:



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For those who are still interested, I developed a GoPro mount for Laser sailboats, and I'm making it available to the whole Laser community.
See my post here

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