Gooseneck positioning


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3rd coast sailor here.
It appears that most of the rock stars in our wednesday night fleet racing carry the gooseneck well forward of what "the bible" recommends. Would anyone care to weigh in on go-fast positioning for various wind velocities and the pros and cons. Thanks in advance.
david loring, past world champion or us champ and all around good sailor told me that he never brings it back past the 17 mark and prefers even closer. of course if you're light that is probably different. i carry mine 15 to 17(17 being pretty damn windy. :cool:
Mine has marks from 12 inches back to 24 inches. Drifters require it to be at about 12-13 inches and by the time it's blowing 20 knots I'm back at about 20 inches.
When the wind picks up the farther foward it is the more weather helm you'll get.
If you want to be up with the hot shots in the fleet, may I suggest buying a copy of the "Sunfish Bible" by Will White. It has 3 three difinitive books written on Fish racing as well as most all articles written for magazines. Also included are interviews from quite a few top fish sailers.
It's full of tuning & rigging tips, well worth the bucks and it's available from the class. There's a link to buy it off the home page.