Google adds on TLF

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I'm not keen on this development sneeking up into our posts. Surely there must be more dealers then "Westcoast" willing to support this forum with more credible banner adds?

BTW - anyone have any links to applications that block google adds?
From an advertisers point of view:

Firstly, my banners are hardly credible? Looked like a 4 year old made 'em! :eek: jokes jokes
(the one Bradley made for me so I wouldn't embarass myself anymore...)

I am happy to send my monthly check to the Laser Forum to help pay for the costs of running the site, including Bradley's time. I think the forum is growing again, and that is all I want to see.

I like being a title sponsor, and hopefully spread the good word about Lasers.

For the other ads, I don't really mind, they don't interfere with what I'm trying to do. Bradley will do as he sees fit, if the membership doesn't like it, that's up to him.

For information purposes:

Google AdSense is the program being used. It uses a 'pay-per-click' cost structure.

The ads you see are free, if you click on them, then the advertiser gets charged a certain amount.

If the ad is clicked on while shown here at TLF, Bradley will get a small % of that 'cost-per-click'


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The Google Ads have always been there for some users. Recently, I changed the code to display them to all users, not just people who were not logged in. I am hoping to sell this portion of the site to an advertiser as well. The GoogleAds are a place holder so advertisers can see this ad location exist.

I would like to remind all of you how important it is to support the advertisers who support this site. has allowed for a lot of development behind the scenes that is starting to reflect in the membership. You will also see a PR campaign for TLF this spring/summer.

Lastly, we will have a new sponsor joining us in just a few days.

PS: If your sailing company is looking to advertise on TLF we do have inventory avaliable. Please contact me using the email link below or by phone at 912-701-5000.