Getting T-boned on Port


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I stand corrected on that one then :). Always useful to know sometimes although in practice (as has already been stated) a rule 69 protest is difficult to prove and difficult to win and is generally used as a last resort. Most clubs I know of would deal with this situation by simply asking the member to leave (as is definited in their rules of membership) if they were bad enough to warrant this.
would you have not broken that rule as well? cos you broke the port gives way ( cant be arshed to look for number) to give your self an advantage even though you did not mean to

thats the way a protest comittie would see it and your would both get blame but over all it would be your own fault

jeffers you should keel boat sail, you would not get kicked out of the club for hiting some one if they'r in the wrong so them clubs kinda suck your talking about


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I think Jeffers is talking about abusive language, not the collision. Bad language is never called for in racing.
That is exactly what i was talking about. Sailing a dinghy on close quarters is nervy enough (esp when it gets windy). A Laser is pretty simple, a Fireball is a mare esp with the kite.

Personally watch some keelboat racing scares the whatsit out of the. They do things I would not even consider doing in a Laser let alone a bigger boat!