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I appreciate all your help and you are correct about needing a translator. For the life of me I can't understand why I should cut/replace wood if I don't have to. Moving circle still requres taking out foam. I don't know where there is an area that does not have foam nor wood. Don't have the answer

beldar boathead

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You don’t need to replace any wood unless the wood the rudder components are screwed into is rotted. So just get the wood and foam that are in your way out of there and you can begin the drying process. You have put the port just about where it should be, so you just need to finish the job. No need to cut more holes. Good luck!


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Thanks for the picture. Now we know the circle is cut, and the approximate year of your boat. You can now take a knife (fork or spoon) to the Styrofoam.

You're looking at the top of a rectangular block of Styrofoam, with empty space to the right OR left. So cutting right OR left for ventilation will still leave some Styrofoam for deck support.

Breeze Bender

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Whatever you do, don't cut another hole in the stern deck! Your cut is fine. I think that has been clearly stated but I repeat for emphasis! Once your boat is dry that port will be very handy if you choose to upgrade your rudder to the new style- I know that's not your goal now but it gives you the option for the future. For drying the hull you should ideally have another port just aft and center of the splashguard/coaming so air circulates between the two ports. Not sure if you've done that already.