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Hello Class,
I am reaching out to get some guidance on how the J24 headsail cunningham is set up. Mine did not come with one, and I'd like to rig one for racing. I can't find a lot of info besides harkens diagram, and that seems like overkill to me, although I could be wrong. Does anyone have any photos of their set up, or at the least, a list of what hardware they used, and I could figure it out from that. Any input would be appreciated! Thank you!
I have a 4:1 purchase that attaches to the bow cleat, a single line forward to the block and a hook into the sail.
The pull end runs back to a cam cleat on the hatch hood cover.
Thanks so much for the input, I apologize not getting back to you sooner! I also really appreciate that out of the hundreds and hundreds of j24 sailors that read these posts, someone will actually reach out to help! I have been looking at some of the boats on the circuit and talking to some people, and I think I have a good plan on making something slick. I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks again-
Basic is what works. Centered back to the hatch hood


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