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I'm not someone who has every sailed before. I've recently become interested in learning, and luckily enough for me my mother sailed for a good 20 years, and has offered to teach me if I buy a boat.

I'm a complete novice here, and have no idea what to look for boat wise. I'm after a 1-2 man small boat that can be strapped to the top of a car. Preferably something that's good for learners/beginners. In order for my mother to teach me, we need to be able to fit the both of us on, however I'm equally as interested in getting something that I will be able to sail singlehandedly once I'm confident/proficient enough. I've had two suggestions so far- a laser pico and a topped dinghy. I was wondering if anyone might mind sparing 5 minutes to give me their opinion on the two, or suggest any others they feel may be suitable.
Any advice would be much appreciated! :) thank you in advance.


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That's awesome! Are you interested in racing down the line? If so, you might want to look for boats that are popular in your area.

Going on your request to put it on top of the car, I would look at the Vanguard 15 (kind of like a big Laser but meant for 2), a Sunfish, or just the normal Laser (not the pico). Good luck with everything and remember to have fun!
I'd recommend discussing the choice with your mom, since you'll be relying on her sailing knowledge to get started.

A car-top boat may be a bad idea. While there are some rated for 2, loading them on the car roof can get annoying quickly. I'd recommend you look at a trailer even if getting one of the car top capable boats.

One launching of a minifish out of the back of my pickup and I decided to get a trailer for it... and there are not many sailboats lighter than that one.