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I just bought a (very) used Capri 14.2, hull number 663 and am wondering if there is any general info out there on rigging, etc.. Having owned a Catalina 27 and 30 over the years, I can probably figure it out but this baby's in need of some work and I'd kind of like to know where the pieces go before I start ripping them all off and filling holes before painting the hull.

I'm going to keep the boat on a hoist since I live on Lake Erie and I wonder if anyone has ever tried an electric trolling motor on a Capri 14. I just need enough power to get it in and out of the hoist and move a few hundred feet. I simply can't bring myself to own one more gasoline engine if I can avoid it.

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Trolling motor

Have you tried the Search feature on the homepage? I did. I typed in "trolling motor" and got 11 hits.

As for rigging questions, I urge you to buy the Capri 14.2 Handbook as listed on this website. It's well worth the $20.