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Gelcoat color for 2004 Vanguard Laser


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Hi everyone, I'm based in Europe but I own a USA built Vanguard Laser. All information over here is based on UK built Lasers. I'm planning to do some gelcoat repairs on my deck and am wondering if the color codes for Vanguard Lasers are the same as UK Lasers. The information I have for UK built Lasers is that below sail number 169000 is Dawn Grey and above that is Vela Grey. Mine is a 2004 with a >180000 number so that would be Vela Grey. But still, my deck looks a bit different than other Lasers at the club. Anyone an idea about the color code for my deck?

Also, a bit less important, I have two tone hull with blue sides. A bit Blue/green (looks like really dark aquamarine) color. See attached photo. Anyone an idea how to identify that color code as well?


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No idea what the exact colours are, but the deck is definitely not the vela grey of the PSE-built boats of the time. I don't think a generic-white gelcoat would stand out too much.
The blue looks like a unique (and cool!) shade. The North Americans surely know more about it :rolleyes:



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The previous owner did a repair with vela grey he said, but repair seems a bit more creamy coloured than my deck. So, I wonder what our the North American forum members know about it :)