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Gel coat repair on Mod 1 hull


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I banged up the bow just above the blue strip (waterline) and damaged the gel coat on a rock. The gel coat is removed, exposing the fiberglass core that does not appear to be damaged. The area is about 6" long and 1" wide on the right side but extending slightly over the ridge on the the bow. Can anyone tell me whether epoxy or gel coat is used to repair this type of damage on the hull? How much material is needed and what brands or type of gel coat ? Thank you for your help!


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Look at West Systems materials and their guides for excellent information. Also, Marine-Tex makes an epoxy material which works well and comes in smaller quantities, depending on what you are dealing with. West will probably provide you with more flexibility but the Marine-Tex is also very hard and can be fine sanded and then painted when cured. Have used both in many repair or renovation projects and it just depends on your experience level and how complex the project is.