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Geezers Gettin soaked


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They threw us all off the ocean and now they won't feed us tonight either. Something about some dude named Danny coming . I get he drinks too much or something.

Famous Laser sailors are all over the place around here. Currently Brendan Casey's younger sister is frantically typing on another computer right here between Vann Wilson and me...She's sailing but obviously quite young...probably lying about being old enoiugh to play...

If that dang Dany guy would get his butt out of here maybe we could go sailing.

Meanwhile...Ever see a guy using a sledge hammer to drive stakes next to a flipped over laser...One oops and we have a new hole in the hulll..No way I am pounding any of those stakes.

The americans had a party last night and teh Aussies think we had some fun shindig of some sort.

HA...Old farts from North America are about as boring a group as a person can gather...But don't tell teh Aussies...They seem jealous.

Ricardo Reyes Anderson is frantically typing something here to but it is in some foreign language like Spanish and I flunked that over forty eyars ago...No halba espanol nada...

Update....Alison claims she doesn't know how to sail much....That's why she is sailing the masters event...


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We have tried to race for two days. we went out as soon as we were allowed and were towed in at dark both days. The first day we sailed two decent races in light and moderate wind. I haven't yet fully hiked out.

Day two we sailed one really stupid race where the winds twisted around on the first leg and separated the smart guys from the dumb fuys by four minutes at the first weather mark. This dumb guy cut the lead to only three minutes by the second weather mark but the last four legs were sailed such that we beat on the reach, reached on the run, ran on the second reach and close reached on the last beat. Any respectable committee would have abandoned the race but respectability is always lost when RC decides to get a race in at all coasts...even quality...which was absolutely lost.

Sorry Jeff, love ya anyway, but the checkered flag should have come out on the first leg of the Grand masters race...

The 5 mile tow to shore was a hoot...really.....and the weather is simply perfect for tourists....sunny warm nice...but..if this sailing event is not gonna totally suck... we really need the wind gods to decide to give us some love.


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Today was a hoot followed by the opening ceremony...complete with French con secutive translation of the MC's remarks.

Earlier, out on the water, we were treated to inland American tiny Lake sailing. The shifts were honestly 30 degrees on both courses today and good vision as well as patience was very necessary.

I played a game caled "connect the puffs" and my resultsd indicate that I got around teh course a klot faxgter than by "big fat fella on a laser" boat speed would predict.

it was extgremel;y important noty only to be on teh lifted tack but to head for teh next big visible wind gist. On some occasions teh gusts neatky traded sides of teh boat and teh tacks were simply dictated by teh backwinding of the sail. However, teh sight of whitecaps on either sidt of teh course demanded immediate "eat teh header and just get there" response. ''but...Some of those really knarly looking puffs ere tiny dying spreading useless fizzled out nothiongs when a sailor finally would get there.

So...a long good look was really necessary.

I can say half way up the first leg of teh last race I looked at teh puffs decending upoin teh course and said to the imagined folks who my imagination thought could hear me, "OK If you want to race on F%$#ing lake travis we can race on F%$#ing lake travis."...and From that point on I proceeded to pick my way through theleet almost all the way to the front.

Summary? Today was tiny lake sailing with half meter waves and it was a hoot.


Fred, 11th out of 40. You go mon!

Let's give it up for the message-board-posting-curmudgeon contingent. :cool:


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Noticing that everybody in front of you is from a different hemisphere and the nearest USA sail is fifty yards back.
I had to keep trying all the way to the finish.

Normally everything after the last weather mark on a trapezoid is "give up and watch the little folks streak past."

I actualy caught two guys on the last short weather beat...No idea how.

in fact, the judge boat had a square orange flag and I was seeing it as the pin end...which everybody else knew was the four foot high ten inch cylynder off to leeward and further away.

so, although nobody else was going my way, I worked hard to finish at the favored boat ...only to watch the Japanese sailor sail outside my "finish line." I figured he dropped out. Then two more boats went outside and I finally noticed the "white judge lettering" on that flag and went back to recognizing I am pretty dumb when tired..

it turned out only the japanese fellow and the german fellow got there ahead of me...Layday means I have two days to goat instead of the normal one day.

Also, Bill Mitchell, Doug Peckover and I need to build a third deck on our two deck trailer tomorrow as the roof racks failed on the way up here. We almost left Doug's boat on the highway at a random location...not good.

Mike Lindstrom

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Back here in Texas we are pullin' for ya. You get um fat boy. By the way, the photo section of the host site has a great shot of you. You should check it out.

Having a blast with my new Laser and going to my first Laser regatta at SSC this weekend.

Mike on Lake Conroe