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Well. Some of us had to stay behind and work. Are you gonna fill the rest of us in ??

Stories?? Results?? Rumors??

Please..No Pics.

You are geezers
Sat - Wind 5-10 NNW
Sun 7-12 NNE
Both days were shifty and lots of velocity changes, courses were W/L twice around.

40 boats 6 races
John MaCausland
Ernesto Rodriguez
Rick Ericson
James Liebel
Alden Shattuck

Top 3 by age
AM - Rodriguez, Liebel, Ted Morgan
M - MaCausland, Ericson, Tim Landt
GM - Shattuck, David Frasier, Gary Orkney
GGM - Peter Seidenberg, Joe Van Rossan, Dick Tillman/Dave Hartman (tie)

Stories - well, what happens in Palm Beach stays in Palm Beach, nuff said ;)
Fred - here are some stories...

The day before the regatta started the beaches in Palm Beach were closed due to sightings of large schools of sharks. See CBS news report: It brought back memories of the 1999 Midwinturds in St. Pete. - but on a completely different scale.

No one was attacked this past weekend! There were numerous dolphin sightings and large schools of flying fish. Having never been to Palm Beach before, I was amazed by how beautiful and clear the ocean water was.

The only other breaking news was that a poor cat got himself locked all day in Karen Long's van on Saturday. Both recovered nicely.