gasket strips for Laser 2 dagger board opening

Michael Marusak

New Member
if anyone knows of a good source to purchase the white colored gasket material that installs on both sides, and top and bottom of the opening for the dagger board, for a Laser 2, please pass this information on to me.

Thank you.

Michael Marusak
Shelby, MI (Oceana County, on Lake Michigan)
LaLi, thank you very much for this valuable information. We haven't used our Laser 2 in over ten years. I am in the process of obtaining the needed parts and doing minor repairs so that I can have it ready to sail on Lake Michigan when our kids and grandkids visit us later in July.

It looks like the gaskets from West Coast Sailing and Fogh might be a little too thick. It was sometimes a struggle for my wife to pull up the dagger board when we had the original feathered molding. I took the dagger board and placed it through the slot for in the boat. I may be wrong but It didn't seem like there was enough room to use the carpet strips form these suppliers. I decided to buy a roll of white velcro and install that. If this is not thick enough to keep the dagger board from rocking back and forth, I can always upgrade to the stick on carpet strips.

Thanks again for your reply. You made my day!!!