Funny names?

I like to name boats, for nothing else to have something to say other than "the blue one." When I was deciding on the name for the blue one, I actually debated "Blowjob" because I coupld then name my rowboat "Handjob," but kids eventually learn to read, so clearer heads prevailed...

We decided on "Barrabas" for the blue one, as the boat was a poorly maintained 1970-71 model that we worked over and gave a second chance. It's a biblical reference to the prisoner who was set free in lieu of Christ.

After sailing season was over last year I picked up a second boat that is as yet un-named.
It has been in early 2006, I did search for a funny name for the Laser 171442, that I did bought a few weeks before.

I did read (or/and hear) about a famous Aussie big boat called “Ichi Ban” ( ) and thought to myself: In that way the name of Laser 171442 might “sound”, too. Unfortunately, “Ichiban” also is the name for a Japanese product of instant noodles, I investigated and “no”: I not wanted to name the 171442 like a noodle…!

Aft several time of searching, I found the word “Manatee” does sound really interesting for me …. “man a ti”…”Mana Tee”…”Mana Ti”… etc. also have been my choice’s. But aft I found out, what’s the meaning of “Manatee”, I was sure to take that name "Manatee" for Laser 171442.

Laser 171442’s hull is coloured “Vela Grey” and already has some ugly scratches under the waterline (not from my way of sailing...).
She has been the pre-selected, only few used, competition-boat of a successful German LaserPro of Team GER in 2001/2002 and 171442 has proven to be a fast Laser, although of all the scratches and a well repaired small damage a the starboard-wall at bow in the gelcoat/fibreglass.

Manatee’s are seacows (lat.:“Trichechus manatus”) and very friendly to humans. They’re living f.e. at the southern U.S.-Eastcoast, sometimes they swim out, some sea miles away from the coast (like Lasers do it for reaching the racing areas at big events…).
Their skin is coloured light grey (~ “Vela Grey”). often the skin of Manatees have heavy scratches, in reason of the propellers of many motor-watercrafts that hit and hurt them. Manatee’s are able to dive, to deathroll, to swim fast or: just hang around lazy, doing nothing specific, than wasting the time (like me sometimes!).
Manatee’s are under strong protection of the "WWF". People, that have seen a Manatee in reality once, do take them into their heart for ever, me was told.

So, in reason of all the many similarities and he good sound of the name (like a most expensive "Maxi Yacht" ... ), finally, I decided to name Laser 171442 “Laser Manatee”.

Of course, as a “good seaman”, this was done by a serious christening ceremony (view photo below).
A professional self-made sticker I did design for each side of the hull (see below)