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Funny boat name

E Andy

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I thought there was a thread to post funny or unique boat names but I couldn't find it. Anyway, I was driving the other day and saw this boat. Unfortunately the antennae got in the way but the name of the boat is Poopie! Haha!! Only in the south!


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I just got my manatee sticker from Amazon today. If I can find a graphics shop with decent prices, I plan to have them make a sticker for me that reads "Sea Cow II" to place on the transom of my C-14.2.

Or maybe I'll just stick with the manatee and let people figure it out.


Winston try Callie Graphics. She makes custom decals for model boats and also made my last real boat name decal. Great price, great service, great quality!


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Are they local? And by local, I mean in the SF Bay Area so I can drive to them.

There are countless, and probably expensive, graphics companies in the Bay Area. I just haven't gotten around to calling any of them.