Fully restored 1973 Sunfish and trailer

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Here is a 14' 1973 Sunfish and trailer fully restored in August of 2012. Mahogany restored, all brass fittings restored, 2-part epoxy paint (Awlgrip paint), new trailer, new lights, new tires and rims, new paint. Please call 732-947-9275 or 203-285-5924. $1,500 negotiable. She is beautiful and fast! She's in mint condition! Sunfish and trailer.JPG Sunfish back.JPG Sunfish full view.JPG Sunfish starboard side.JPG


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I noticed a couple of things from the photos. First you spent some time or someone did painting the boat and then you used an old mainsheet. For less than $25 you can have a new mainsheet. Halyard and gooseneck on booms are in the wrong position and hence the rig looks completely wrong when hoisted. Tiller extension should be on top of the tiller and not under. My guess is the tiller is was reversed when installed. Considering the old style rudder, number plate by coaming and perhaps lack of storage compartment (not sure from photos) this boat is probably pre 1971.


Upside down?
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And the sail is suffering when tied down like that...

PS: We just want you to present the boat in the best possible light...
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