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Full Set of North Sails San Diego. Black Kite. Blade hardly used. Harken Lopez Blocks.


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I have on set continuous sheets, spliced. Another regular. Three Halyards. The Lopez blocks. All the sails were bought from Chis Snow.
The Genny has been only used a couple times. It has the Kevlar at the tack and the head and I think the clew. The kite is cool. Black. I sold the boat and the guy didn't need racing stuff. So I have it all. It's been four years this stuff sitting in storage and it looks like I may not race again. So.
it's for sale. There is a lot and and I bought the best stuff I could afford at the time. All the halyards are high performance. I have a tactic and powder coated bracket for Annapolis. I sold the carbon spin pole from hall but have colapsable blocks for the tweeker and the lines. you can open the block in light air. I have spin sheets of coarse. Maybe 5 grand worth of stuff with the sails. I'm motivated. You can contact me and we can meet in Richmond BC. Canada.
Sincerely. I wish I had found a deal like this when I was starting out.


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Could you please let me know the price for blade and also the Lopez Blocks.
Hey Roo.
Hope you are well. I was/ am hoping to get rid of all the stuff or a sizable portion of it at a little less than 1/2 price. Give or take. The guy the takes as much of it as I have, I figure I can make an even better deal for. Hardly used the blocks. I liked em, My trimer didn't.
The blade as you can imagine was put up a couple times. Stored, rolled with the battens out. Laid flat the entire time.


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Hey, Id like to buy the blade. Can you call or text.
eight two eight 773 two 5ive 2wo 8eight

Joe Buona

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How much for the Genny & the Spinnaker together? I will take both and pay for the shipping. Please send me some pictures.