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FS: Like New Laser loaded w/gear


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2004 LASER 178900 is for sale
White boat with white deck, new condition, dry and fast. Winner of Olympic trails, KY Bluegrass state games, and 2nd in Club series.
All pro rigging with Colie MoJo upgrades
Trailex trailer w/swivel bow support and spare tire
Seitech Dolly - rebuilt with all new rear plastic joints (warranty)
Colie Sails top and bottom cover
Aquatech board bag
Tube sail bags
Two sails
Carbon Tiller and extension
Wind Indicators - mast and mast head types
Board and Rudder trailing edge protectors
Misc spare parts: extra center board brakes, bailer o-rings, etc.
Spar Partners on deck mast carriers with shock cords.

Turn-key package - everything needed for a competitve boat.
Can email photos
Delivery or partial delivery within reason.
My wife has gone back to school on weekends so regatta travel is limited for the next two years, other wise I would keep this boat.

Asking: $5000.00


Rob B

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Old Geezer said:
Geeze - what a downer - to win the Olympic trials and then come 2nd in the club series.
Perhaps the boat changed owners? So let's see. If it is a 2004 and won the Olympic trials then it must be the boat Mark Mandelblat used!? Thats a possibility.

Hey, is it autographed? :rolleyes: