FS: Brand New in Sealed Bag Radial mkVI Sail. RI. Price Drop: $425 shipped

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For sale is a radial sail mkVI the current design (North I believe) still in original factory sealed bag. Class Legal. No battens.
$425 shipped to US 48.
$400 picked up Bristol/Newport area.

photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG

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It is the most current available. I am fairly certain it is the standard white with blue on the corners. If you would like me to check I will have to open the bag..
I'm only interested if it's all white, preferably with blue corners. It also has to have the class measurement (blue) button. Are there any numbers on it?
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I will open it up and get another photo or two. No numbers. I am sure it is legal and pretty sure of the white with blue. That signifies the new radial cuts if I am not mistaken.
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Red plug showing ILCA class legal. Blue Corners signifying new radial cut. No numbers. White. For the record the Bag is no longer sealed. photo.JPG
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Price Drop:

$425 shipped
$400 local

Brand crispy new, never been on a boat, or even outside for that matter.
Thanks for looking

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