Yes, deffinately. It is also a great time to learn and to practice your weight distrabution strategies. This just means where on the boat you sit. In light winds, this can make a BIG differeance.
heh now thats funny. At my training with my team, when it is about 20knts or more, our coach doesnt let any of the little kids out. But she does let me and a few others go out with an assistant coach just for fun. So one day last year when the wind was about 25knts, we rigged up a 420 and on a beam reach we got on plane in like a second and we outran the 13ft whaler with a 40 hp engine. We train one this small lake and one time as we were coming across a small point we flew off this wave and we were headed towards this point at like 20knts and i thought we were about to crash for a minute......aww good times
I have no problems in going out in15kts steady with gusts of 20kts in a radial/snipe (mabye not in winter), but I wouldn't know anything about what 25 looks like. I can't even imagine 30kts.

Light air does teach you to be patient, though.
hey then my town is big fun i sail wednesday thursday friday saturday and sunday in the week we have winds of 15 to 23 knts and its strange cause in weekends we have no darn wind well about 7 knts if you are lucky but weekends is when i sail all day but most of the time is boring but in the week is really big fun


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last weekend was supposed to be 25-30 kts, its was windy, and i sailed (but i dont think it was quite 30 kts! :p). It picked up some more and was a steady 30 kts (i think). I wouldv gone out, but there was no safety boat cover :(

Its annoying - most racing is done in mindy conditions, you have to be good in medium to heavy weather to do well in big events. Thats why ive really concentrated on heavy wind sailing.
If your rigging is good enough - yes, if not, well my cuninghap needed a bit of repair on the sunday and a batten popped out - since then ive replaced my traveler and one of my cuningham ropes! :)