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Free Webinar- what areas are you interested in learning more about?


I'll be joining up with Waterway Guide to do a series of free webinars (interviewing the experts!).

Some possible topics are below. Which would you like to hear more about? (or is there some other topic that would interest you more)?

1. Using chartplotters and SonarChartLive (among other technologies) to improve boating safety in the Bahamas

2. Navigating in Cuban waters (chart sources, hazards, boat prep, etc)

3. Off the beaten path destinations in Cuba, Bahamas, etc (planning, preparation, navigation, etc)

4. Life cycle of marine information over the ages from Admiralty surveys by Captain Cook to the instant updates of technology today.

5. Using mobile apps, ENCs and verified/validated navigation information and points of interest data as an integrated approach to boating and safety (including best practices)

Thanks for your input!