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Gentle people…,
You have strayed way OFF TOPIC.
Please take this discussion private if you insist on pursuing it further.​
I'm naming the boat DIXIE since it is Blue and Gray. That fits with the military theme on all my Sunfishes. I'll see if I can find a couple Confederate Flag decals too.
I take great pride in the names of my boats. Stars and Stripes is almost universally known, and people like to support my campaigns due to the patriotic nature of the name. I don't understand why you named your little boat Dixie. In the Civil War, the north was the "blue" and the confederates the "gray." Since your boat is blue AND gray, why did you choose to name it after just the gray? Naming the boat "The Civil War" would be much more accurate. Alternatively, you could paint the blue stripes gray, and then the name Dixie would make sense.



The beautiful thing about this great land of ours is that a man can name, paint, modify, his boat in anyway he wishes and no man can/should be able to tell him any different! When & why did the naming of this individuals boat become a social affair? Like Wayne so politely stated, this is getting way off topic..
It was a flag that represented the Confederacy, which was founded to maintain slavery, which Lincoln was trying to abolish. As the Wikipedia article pointed out, African Americans, not surprisingly, find promotion of a "country" that was meant to ensure slavery lived on, to be offensive. I bet your perspective would be pretty darn different if you were African American.

Thank you BB. I am not African American, and have deep southern roots and agree 100%. It takes a special kind of willful blind ignorance to regard the Confederate battle flag as an inncocent symbol of regional pride.


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I thank all for your thoughts on the 'naming' of NightSailor's freebie. But to prevent this issue from getting out of hand (and even further off topic), it appears best to close the thread.
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