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Free Sunfish Parts

John & Liz

New Member
Hi Eric,

I'm interested in all the brass parts shown in the photos. I have the rudder & tiller, but I've managed to lose some of the smaller brass parts in my 20+ year restoration effort that was interrupted by raising kids. I definitely need the long bolt/wing nut that clamp the upper and lower parts together and the brass casting that attaches to the bottom of the hull. Do you have that as well? I actually have the casting that attaches to the deck and the brass 'spring' plate. If you'd like, I can pay for shipping all the hardware to me. I can then give any unused parts to Kent & Skipper.

I'm happy to pay for shipping to 48324 plus a little for your time. Please let me know how you'd like to proceed. It might be easiest if you call or text my cell phone (586) 404-5283.


Eric VB

Hi John, I'll be glad to send you the hardware. However, the brass piece on the bottom of the hull is still on my boat. I left it on there even after doing the upgrade to the new rudder because it's not in the way. I'll take it off when I get out to the boat again but it could be a couple of weeks ago. I'll get back to you and get your address to send them out.

John & Liz

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Eric, the parts arrived today, and they look good. You can give the parts you have to Kent or someone else. Thanks for your generosity!