Free Sailfish Parts

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I've got an old wooden Alcort sailfish that we are just not going to use. For the price of postage, I'll send anyone who can use them the mast,booms, rudder, tiller, daggerboard, etc. -- everything except the hull. Happy sailing!
How far are you from Pocasset, Ma on Cape Cod? I have a Super Sailfish MKII and would be interested to know. Thank you. What are you going to do with the hull? Carol
islandhaus: I'd love to take those parts off your hands - I recently bought an old sailfish at a garage sail and it definitely needs re-rerigging.

If they are still available -I'd be gald to take them.

I sent you a private message as well. :)
i am posting for my boyfriend. he has a sailfish that is missing its drain/bailor plug from the nose on the top of the boat. he says it is flush with the boat, threaded, and either brass or bronze. if you have this part, can you please e-mail me me at thanks so much!
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