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FREE New Web Services for districts, fleets, clubs, etc.


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The Laser Forum is proud to be able to offer some of the best web services FREE to Laser districts, clubs, fleets, and enthusiasts.

The Laser Forum is proud to now offer a "turn key" district, club, or fleet website solution. This includes setup, design, hosting, bandwidth, email, mailing list, and web based editing. The best news is that it's all FREE to laser sailing related websites.

As a district hosted on The Laser Forum you receive your own easy to remember address (d##.laserforum.org) with plenty of space and bandwidth to host your site.

District secretaries can also receive a free email address @laserforum.org and a free mailing list (just like the main TLF Mailing List) at d##@laserforum.org.

Updating and maintaining your district website is so easy with the browser based editing software. Just login to your site from any computer with internet access and you can post news and edit pages.

If you need hosting, but already have a site designed and editing software, TLF can accommodate you as well. We offer 150 megs of space, unlimited bandwidth, FTP access, FrontPage support, and Macromedia Dreamweaver support. You can also still receive a free email account, mailing list, and easy to remember district website address.

All services are available independent of each other at no cost. You will receive top-notch support from the Administrators at The Laser Forum who are very familiar with the software and district website management. All we ask for in return for all these FREE services is a link back to The Laser Forum on your homepage.

Advanced hosting and site management options are also available through our parent company, the Sailing Forums Network.

Are your ready to get started? If so, contact Bradley Green at the Sailing Forums Network via phone at 678-846-1296 or the email address below.

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Somebody give Bradley a brand new boat!!!!

I would be supportive of a Class decision to spend that money once a year. Bradley could sell the used one to compensate himself for a tiny portion of his efforts and expenses.