Free Capri 14.2

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I was forwarded this message. It's not clear to me what he means by "Old style with traveler". Nor do I know for sure it's a Capri 14.2. It might be an Omega 14, once known as the Capri 14. Ask him when it was built. If it's pre-1984 it's probably an Omega. Here's the message:

My name is Roger Jackson and I have a C14 in bad shape but the sails and riggings are OK. The boat can be fixed. I will even include what fiberglass materials I have purchased. I lost my job and can ! not mess with it anymore. It is free for the taking. Note the tires are flat. In addition, I need to get rid of it ASAP. The boat is in Hemet CA. (Old style with traveler)


Roger Jackson

(909) 326-7145